Southbounders and the AT


I have always dreamed of taking 6 months off of work and life, grab a pack, and hit the Appalachian Trail.  Its very easy to get swept up in the daily routine of work and life and forget about your goals, but every once in a while something reminds me of this dream and reignites the flame to pursue it.  Yesterday I found out that a friend’s husband hiked the trail after college, went on to be a movie writer/producer, and created an award-winning film about the experience called Southbounders.  Seeing that this movie even exists inspired me to once again build the AT into my “5-year plan”.  Knowing this could be on the horizon for the future, it put a smile on my face … and hopefully yours.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Southbounders and the AT

  1. I have two words for you: DO IT. I left a perfectly good job, an awesome condo and amazing friends and traveled for 6 months. I came home to no job and an economy in the toilet and I can honestly still say it is THE best decision I have ever made in my entire life. It has changed me in every way possible.


  2. first off, welcome to the world of blogging, mike. i agree that this would be an awesome experience. the only thing close for me is the trips i’ve taken into the bwca and that’s not so much with the hiking (and when you are “hiking” you have a canoe on you back so hardly comprable). based on the reading i’ve done, i don’t know if i could do the whole thing but damn, it’d sure be great. best of luck to you!


  3. love your blog mike! keep me posted on more lost gossip! 🙂

    it is weird that you posted this because my sisters and i were just talking this week about hiking the pacific crest trail, which, after some research i have found has more diverse and breath-taking scenery…and only takes about one month longer! if you ever take that hiatus, keep me posted. see you monday!


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