Review: Its Time for Twilight

“No one will surrender tonight, but I won’t give in. I know what I want.”

Ok, I have to admit that my expectations on Twilight were about as high as the gophers going to the Final Four.  Its a vampire movie about a love story between a vampire and a human and was filmed specifically for 16 year old girls.  But it blew up the box office, had three covers of EW since November, and finally made it to DVD … so we gave in and watched.  Overall thoughts?  Actually not that bad.  The story unfolds well and you can actually believe the romance being developed.  There is clearly a lot more in the story that will be unveiled in the 2nd and 3rd movie (i.e. the relationship between the native Americans and vampires), but for this first movie, it was all set up well.  The best part of it, apart form a very solid soundtrack, is probably the balance of colors chosen for the film.  Taking place in the Pacific NW, the dark shades of green, grey, and blue help establish the emotions of the situation and the vulnerability of the characters.  Even if you aren’t a 16 year old girl, its worth seeing.  And now I am eager to read the books, as I feel it will do a much better job of creating belief to the love story inherent.  Final thoughts?  Long, but good.  Let yourself enjoy it and you actually will.

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