LOST’s 4-Toe Statue

“what lies in the shadow of the statue?”

I have been very intrigued with this quote since last week’s episode of LOST.  Although it did not resurface in this week’s episode, it clearly has much to do with the few remaining episodes and season finale.  Since it was introduced in the finale of season 2 (Episode 2.23, “”Live Together Die Alone””), the giant 4-toed statue the LOSTies discover en route to the Others is one of the biggest mysteries that perplexes me.  The Black Rock was another un-explainable mystery from season 1 (Episode 1.23, “Exodus, Part 1”, but has since been explained enough to ease my curiosity from season 4 (Episode 4.5, “The Constant”)

But the statue now has new meaning, and more importantly, purpose!   This season, the statue is finally seen in its full form for a split second and from the rear (Episode 5.8, “LaFleur”) .  Then, last week the mystery truly started to unveil itself as Ben stands before a hieroglyph of the Egyptian deity Anubis and the black smoke (Episode 5.12, “Dead is Dead”).  If you go back and look at the statue from “LaFleur” and compare it to the hieroglyphics from “Dead is Dead”, it is almost certainly the same thing.  Of course there are still countless theories saying otherwise, but I think it is finally safe to say that the 4-Toed Statue that has escaped the story for 3 years has finally resurfaced as Anubis, and with great power connected to the islands pre-Dharma history.

Even more exciting though, was Ilana’s coded question to Frank Lapidus at the episode’s conclusion, “do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?”  If these three things are all connected … not to mention the other Egyptian references such as the hieroglyphs in the hatch after the timer runs out … we have a season finale that will definitely bring some excited answers.  For some fun and extremely deep reading, check out the links for more.

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