Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

When I come back to Washington DC, I always think of it as “home” … well, now that I’m working out here during the week, I’ll actually be “home” more than I’ll be home.  Follow that?  Today marked my first day working in DC, and I’ll be here until Thursday before heading back to Minneapolis.  It’s weird working in a Government building, especially after working in Retail.  Retail puts a lot of money into making themselves look fashionable, trendy, hip, and fun.  Government is the opposite.  They don’t spend a dime on appearances, because it’s your dime that would be spent and there are more important things to spend that dime on (*hint, teaser for tomorrow’s post!).  The picture above is my new cube, it’s twice the size of mine back home and has a nice picture window facing the surrounding forest.  The furniture is probably circa the Cold War, and I’m guessing a cleaning crew hasn’t been in there since around the same time.  Nonetheless, this is “home”.  And it feels good 🙂

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