Did Chilly Hold Out for Brett?

“It all comes down to physically how I feel, and that could change based on arthroscopic surgery, but I’m not willing to do that or take that chance, and that’s why I’m retiring.”

Well, I honestly thought all the rumors and talk were just that … talk.  But apparently, there was actually some truth to this whole Favre and Vikings debacle after all.  Last night ESPN declared that Childress and Favre will meet this week to discuss things, which goes against everything we’ve heard from Brett and his agent since this whole mishigas started.  Having had a week to digest this all (and consider Will’s 7 points of contention comment), I’m starting to see the positives embedded within this craziness.  I still think his torn bicep and unpredictability under pressure will prove to be worse than Hage at QB, but he may still bring something to the team; specifically in revenue, training of other QBs, marketing, and excitement for the Minnesota fan-base.  Ziggy needs money, Chilly needs a miracle … and truthfully, Favre has a better chance of bringing that to us than anyone else.

My favorite point of view on this is from Jay Glazer, who provided some interesting insight in to Chilly’s lackluster attempts at bringing in other solid QBs on the table:

“Did Chilly know something then about Favre’s plans to secure his release from the Jets, and was he actually down on Cutler because he really wanted to wait and take a shot at Brett?  The team’s whole treatment of the quarterback position this off-season – last season too, frankly – would tend to suggest that they have been hedging their bets.  No Jeff Garcia, no serious pursuit of Cutler or Matt Cassel, just Sage Rosenfels, a guy who can hold down the fort if you need him but isn’t so expensive that you couldn’t stick him on the bench if need be (same could be said of Gus Frerotte last year).  If I didn’t know better, I’d think Chilly and Favre have been talking on the phone a lot the last couple of years, plotting to make this happen.””

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