Yee Doggie. Cowboy Slims is hotter’n a two dolla pistol

Don’t worry friends, they use only kosher pigs.

Well, the empty space across from Stella’s in Uptown finally has a new owner.  Last week Cowboy Slims’s opened up and a few of us went to go check it out.  If you haven’t made it there yet, I highly recommend stopping in for happy hour tonight or for a drink this weekend.  I know I’ll be heading back Saturday night, and all are welcome to join.

This bar is a fun new welcome to town and has all the glamor of a good happy-hour local, combined with a fun and buyable theme.  Minneapolis needed a new hot spot and I think this could do well if they keep up the pace.  Last Friday it was packed by 10pm when happy hour starts, and this was with a cold night’s air on the patio.  Need more to help convince you?

  • Wait staff.  ‘Nuff said
  • Tator Tot Hot Dish is on the menu.  Now THAT’s class.
  • When you enter the bar, you actually walk through saloon doors like in a movie.
  • $2 drinks and 1/2 price Apps every night at 10pm, this brings some young eye candy.
  • The patio will be awesome on warm nights, and brings fresh air into the rest of the restaurant.
  • They sell Cowboy Slim’s merchandise … yep, flannel shirts.
  • They have a Cowboy Slim’s beer that they brew themselves, for the high-class aficionados out there.

After decades of turmoil, we can now relax – cowboy boots are finally socially acceptable in Minneapolis

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