Monday Surprises, I’m a Father!

Marigolds, Zinnias, and Chives … oh my!

Ok, not really.  But I have now successfully planted and grown my first flowers.  They are like dozens of little babies reaching for the feeding hand of sun and water – that of which only I have the power to provide or restrain.  I’d say my parenting skills thus far are slightly above mediocre … quite the accomplishment for the guy who in high school thought the Krebs Cycle was something built by Trek.  It’s no garden like Cousin Dave has recently found his green thumb to cater to, but it’s an impressive accessory for work nonetheless.  These tiny sprouts will soon be blossoming flowers as the days pass, and I’m excited to see how big they get before I undoubtedly kill them.

These tiny pots were bought from Target’s clearance $1 section (so actually only $0.70) and came with seeds and soil.  Of course, the instructions say to move them to a large pot once they have reached 3 inches tall, but we all know I won’t know how to do that without committing involuntary botanical murder.

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