Carbon Leaf, Eminem, Green Day … new music is appreciated!

don’t think I didn’t consider added the HMTM soundtrack also.

These days, I’m not one to prepare for new CD releases.  Actually, I can’t even recall the last time I bought a new album from a store at all.  With the popularity of iTunes,, and Satellite Radio, and yes even Guitar Hero, buying an actual record seems so … archaic.  In the past 2 years I think the only albums I’ve physically purchased were the new releases by Bon Jovi and Counting Crows.  After all, if you don’t really love the band, why would you waste the extra money on the whole record when you can simply download the Poker Face on its own?

Which is why May/June is a welcomed change!  These past few and upcoming weeks provide us with new albums from some of my favorite past and current artists.  Although I haven’t actually purchased any yet, I am about to go on Best Buy shopping spree and bring home some very exciting new tunes to rock to.  By this time Monday, I should be rocking out in my rented Mazda mini-van (because some reason Hertz loooooves to give me that soccer schlepper) to some very welcomed new friends.  Which will be a welcomed change to the drek on the radio right now.  If I hear Boom Boom Boom one more time, I may vomit.  Check out the links below to hear tracks/previews of these awesome new releases:

Now all I need is for Mike Butterworth to get the boys to finish up that new album from The Nadas already!

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