Birthday celebrations corporate style, thanks IMSP HP team

Anywhere we are, anywhere we go, everybody knows …. we got the party with us

Quite impressively, this has already been an interesting birthday to remember!  My team out here in Alexandria has been awesome to help me celebrate my first birthday away from Minnesota, what a fun group of corporate/government peeps.  Ingrid started it off last night, forcing me to wear a balloon on my shoe (sorry it flew away … the balloon, not the shoe) for the first part of the night, before heading to the bar for drinks and trivia.  The drinks were delish, the company was great, and the Trivia was good … enough.  Yeah we didn’t win, and only got 1 out of 10 on the Art history round (Carey we needed you!), but it was fun and Ben managed not to spill any drinks on me this time.

Then this afternoon was a treat as I was surprised by everyone’s post-lunch party with cake, candy and a quietly whispered version of Happy Birthday (we’re quite professional here at Accenture).  Thanks everyone for helping make this a great birthday so far.  For everyone at home, you better be prepared to one-up in class this Friday night. 🙂

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