Hurricane BEN! hits Virginia/DC…

El Benno means the Benno!

Last night Ingie and I were headed to “the district” to meet up with Adam Schiff and another friend, and we drove through what was probably the worst thunderstorm I’ve experienced on the east coast.  This storm does nothing to compare to the Ides of July in Webster/Siren, but I was pretty much singing the Shema the whole drive home … just in case.  (for you non-Jews, that would be equivalent to citing Psalm 23)

Raining cats and dogs, lightning with instant thunder follow-up, 0 visibility, crazy DC drivers, and the already frustrated traffic issues, construction, and navigation in a new city meant we were happy to finally get home.  Soaking wet from lack of sufficient rain gear (sorry dad), but happy nonetheless.  Googlemaps tracked our route at 19 minutes, it took us 1 hour 9 minutes to get home.  What a mess!

And if you don’t believe me that this storm was the 21st century version of Noah’s flood, tell that to the 12-year old boy who died by lightning strike last night in Virginia.  Sad story, sad end to a fun birthday, and just overall crummy night.  Lets hope this weekend in MN brings happier climate.

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