Free Concert Tickets from Starwood Hotels

Starwood came out with 2 new promotions this week for the business traveler.  The first one is that all platinum preferred members get 1 free concert ticket to any show per stay during the month of August.  Awesome!  I don’t become Platinum until next week (as you can see in today’s picture, I got DENIED!), but I’ll rack up a couple tickets still before the promotion runs out.  The second one is special for Accenture employees only (but I’d be shocked if they weren’t doing it for other corporate regulars as well).  Double points through the end of 2009 for all Accenture employees.  Nice.

I know I have said it before, but the perks of traveling are fantastic and make it much easier to be gone from home, family, friends, and loved ones on a regular basis.  Its no replacement for being able to curl up on my click-clack with Lindsey and watch SYTYCD on Wednesdays, but a free first-class upgrade or Starwood concert ticket … you have to like that too 🙂

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