Shark Attack!

lost an arm … do do doo do do … lost a leg … do do doo do do…

Its Shark Week on the Discovery channel.  Although I can’t really explain the phenomenal success of this television programming, I have to admit that every once in a while I get pulled in as well.  There probably isn’t another creature on earth that could have a whole week of TV dedicated to it, but there is something about a Shark Attack draws in millions of viewers a year.  The danger?  The teeth?  The fear of being completely vulnerable?  Is that all it comes down to?  Human nature is to be in control, so when we are not, it’s entertaining?

I think the major reason for the success of Shark Week is that shark attacks are the most exciting of any animal’s and the most difficult to defend against.  Honestly, if you’re in the ocean and a shark fin is coming towards you … you are F*ed.  Sure you can try to swim away, but something tells me the shark is faster.  And you can try punching him in the nose or eyes, but his teeth are pretty damn close and one jerk of the head and there goes your fists of fury.  So then what do you do?  Scream?  Rooooooooooight, because if I hear a guy getting attacked by a shark, my gut reaction is to jump in the bloody water as well?  Hell no.

Nonetheless, it’s scary and fun to watch it on TV, even though every story is basically the same:  “I was swimming, I knew it was dangerous but thought I’d be fine, I felt it bump me, I knew it was a shark, then it bit me, I tried to fight, I shouldn’t have survived but somehow I did.  And now I have no leg and hands.” 

Thank you Discovery Channel, for giving me another reason to choose lake over ocean, sailing over surfing, and fly fishing over deep sea.

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