Ross Tulman’s recipe for the ‘Shabbas Sandwich’

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Throughout my tenure on staff, there has been one standard: Shabbas is best celebrated with Ross Tulman.  Of the 60 Shabbatot I’ve experienced at Herzl, at least 27 of those were spent sitting across from my aforementioned partner in crime.  Sometimes tradition is important, and we had our Shabbas traditions indeed.  Sure we would wear our Bon Jovi outfits, or send a camper on a “mission” to steal an extra challah bag, or even demonstrate to the entire chadar the right way to eat a Matza Ball (they’re bite-size!) … but the best tradition?  The Shabbas Sandwich.  I reached out to my good friend Mr. Tulman, and he agreed to make public his genius creation to the world.  Warning:  Consumption of Shabbas Sandwiches may be hazardous to your Minucha.

The Shabbas Sandwich by Ross Tulman
3 slices of challah
6 chicken nuggets
Carrots (cooked)
2 potato wedge hashbrowns
BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Ketchup, Honey, etc

  1. When choosing your 3 slices of challah be sure to choose pieces from the middle of the challah, or else you will wind up with an uneven sandwich
  2. Spread BBQ sauce, Honey, ketchup and/or mustard evenly on the top piece of challah and on the bottom piece of the challah (leave the middle piece plain)
  3. Place the potato wedges on the bottom piece of challah to make a rectangle
  4. Place middle piece of bread on top of potato triangles (this part of the sandwich acts as the base)
  5. Place chicken nuggets in a single file line on top of the middle challah.  Do not stack…do not act treif at Herzl
  6. Slice carrots in half vertically; place the flat side down on top of the nuggets
  7. Place last piece of challah on top of the carrots to complete the sandwich.
  8. Enjoy

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