Netflix, best customer service EVER

Change Management 101: Easy Surveys get results

I had a problem where i ordered the wrong Netflix movie.  I mean, I needed the next disc of Mad Men Season 1 and accidentally had Jennifer’s Body listed first?  Yikes, big mistake having that drek movie at the top of the list anyways … note to self, manage your queue regularly to keep from getting two awful horror movies at the same time…

Anyways, I called up the 24 hour customer service (only 2 minutes of wait time to get to a person).  She barely even needed a reason and sent me the next disc automatically.  Easiest customer services request ever.  But to top it off, I was sent an email shortly asking me to answer just one question on the quality of my service.  If all surveys were this easy, everyone would get more results.  Thanks Netflix.  (And you still wonder why it jumped up 25% in stock price this week?)

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