LEGO Lord of the Rings Coming Soon

Coming Summer 2012.  Coming Summer 2012?!  Since when do Toys have teasers?! Leave it to LEGO to toy with childish adults like me.  Lets do the math shall we?

  1. Pretty much anything with any connection to Lord of the Rings is worth more than gold to a Neiman
  2. Most Neiman’s live in Minnesota
  3. Target is based in Minnesota
  4. LEGO is Target’s highest selling boys toy brand of all time
Buy stock in LEGO and Big Red people, we may buy out inventory across the state. Oh, and guess what Jonah, Caleb, and even Zachary … your birthday and Hanukkah presents for the next 5 years are pretty much set.  I hope you don’t mind if your Uncle Neiman, Aunt Mirra, and Pops plays with them first.
Update: Turns out this is a video game similar to Batman, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. Looks like I can dust off the Wii again.  Maybe the game will do so well they update their line of toys?

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