The Cleanse: Day 4

On Saturday, I shared with you the list of foods that are approved and “clean friendly”. Eating those foods alone would be a significant change in habits and health. But, now let me share with you what goes with that food.

Spoiler alert, it’s a lot.

And, I mean a lot.  In total its about 15 pills, and 4 scoops of various powders. Every. Day. I won’t lie, this is the part that turns most people off, because it just doesn’t seem normal to digest a daily supplement whose claim is that it “contains 60 billion micro-organisms per pill”. The kit that Clean Program sells for $425 contains all these supplements in their own brand/mix. But we were able to identify what the true supplements were and spent about $100 at GNC/Amazon. After just a few days I have learned a couple things. 1) Brown Rice Protein tastes like cr*p. 2) Garlic pills do not sit well. 3) There are a lot of f*cking pills!!

  • EASE – Natural Brand Papaya Enzyme (3 daily)
  • BALANCE – Metagenics Insinase (3 daily)
  • CLEAR 1 – Saccharomyces Boulardii 50 Vegetarian Caps (3 daily on empty stomach)
  • CLEAR 2 – Metagenics CandiBactin BR (2, twice, daily)
  • NOURISH – Jarrow Brown Rice Protein Powder (2 scoops, twice daily)
  • MOVE – Natural Brand Super Fiber with Probiotics (2 scoops, twice daily)
  • ENCOURAGE -Ultra 50 Billion CFUs Probiotic Complex (1 daily)
  • RELIEF – Ultra Mega Green Men’s Whole Food Enhanced Multivitamin (2 daily with food)
  • GARLIC – GNC Odorless Garlic 1000 mg Herbal Supplement (1 daily at night)
  • MILK THISTLE – GNC Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement 200 mg (1 daily)
  • OLIVE OIL – 2 tablespoons (nightly)

So that’s the list. Its scary, definitely questionable, and likely something that will make my skin turn green. But, I will continue to take these every day for the next 17 days, ’cause I do stupid things without question when its part of a personal challenge. I can honestly say I will likely take some of the eating and nutrition habits with me after this cleanse is over, but I highly doubt i’ll keep downing shot glasses of olive oil before bed.

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