The Cleanse: Day 8

Well, i am now officially halfway through this program (if you include the elimination diet week). Overall, I definitely am enjoying this challenge and experience, and still recommend it to anyone. However, as anyone who has done something like this before can attest, one of the most difficult components of a cleanse is the ability to stay social.

“Mike, haven’t seen you in a while, want to grab drinks after work and catch up?”
“Mike, I am hosting a Sunday brunch for all our friends, hope you can make it”
“Mike, you guys free for a double-date? Dinner and a movie?”
“Mike, Passover Seder starts at 6pm, see you then.”

The last one is the worst. Symbolic Matzah? Four cups of wine? Mom’s signature pot roast? Doing this over passover sounded easy, but i completely forgot about the seder. (Sorry mom, I know you spent all day cooking, and i promise to eat the leftovers in my freezer as soon as this is done).

It’s not that you can’t be social, it’s just that doing so can get tricky. The Clean Program book talks about keeping your routine and going out as often as you’d like, but instead of fixating on alcohol, to use the time to educate your friends why you are doing a cleanse … a bit hokie, but it worked the first time while I sipped club soda.

Going out to dinner is also not that tough, because most restaurants can accommodate with gluten-free entrees, big salads (no tomatoes of course), and the like. But its tough to miss out on all the other delicious looking menu options and ask the waitress for chicken skewers and a side of sauteed spinach. Editors Note: thank you Butcher Block for not judging.

My coworkers have given great recommendations for future outings, such as the Ecopolitan or Tao Natural Foods in uptown. We are going to try one of those this week for date night, if anyone wants to be courageous and make it double-date night, just let me know!

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