The Pixar Theory

If you already know what I’m talking about, you are more hip than me. This Pixar Conspiracy Theory idea was foreign to me, though not surprising, given Disney’s history of Easter Eggs in their films. Remember when Easter eggs were simple? As a child, we paused/rewound/played over and over again to giggles and cackles whenever one of these hidden gems was uncovered. Admittingly, I miss the days of this simplistic Disney secrecy … So first, let’s take a trip down memory lane….

Underwater phallic castles…

Erotic Arabian princes…


And derogatorily dispersed flora…

Well, apparently Pixar took animation shenanigans to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL.

At a team lunch yesterday, conversation took a turn for the crazy. What started out as “Arby’s is cool because it was the royalty of fast food growing up” somehow became “big corporation is out to get us all”. I don’t recall the exact details that moved us from A to B, but it probably went something like this…

  • Me: I love Arby’s
  • Tennille: Duh, everyone loves Arby’s!
  • Jeff: Arby’s is the greatest restaurant in the world.
  • Sean: Arby’s could totally rule the world.
  • Laura: What if Arby’s really did rule the world?
  • Sean: I’d eat myself to death
  • Michelle: Wasn’t that the storyline of WALL-E?
  • Me: Wait, what?
  • Jeff: Oh yeah, Pixar has predicted our apocalypse for over a decade.
  • Me: … (fork drop)

And with that, the Pixar Theory was introduced. A world of crazy that links all 13 Pixar movies into a chronological order for apocalyptic chaos. The website above is the simple version, but for a more complex telling, you can always check out this video. I admit the theory gets a bit far-fetched at times, but I do like the science fiction twist of time travel, wood=magic and interwoven universe. So, if you have not seen this yet, go check out the website and have some fun. I definitely want to introduce Pixar to my kids for the first time in true chronological order, future Neiman children beware prepare…


Mind. Blown.


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