HelloNeiman! and the Appalachian Trail

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Welcome back!  At long last, I am proud to present a relaunch of the infamous HelloNeiman blog.  This time, however, the writing is laser focused (as is my attention) on my biggest passion project ever – a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. During the past year, I really ramped up preparing and planning for this epic journey. Now, most friends and family know I have been obsessively planning this trip since first picking up Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods back in 2003, but this past year brought on a new level of dedication as a start date is possibly on the horizon (more to come).  For those unfamiliar, the AT is a 2,189 mile journey from Georgia to Maine, passing through a total of 14 states along the way.

But I’m not leaving tomorrow, so why start the blog today?  Well, as a career Management Consultant, I truly appreciate the art of planning and project management – putting a strategy in place, preparing goals, establishing important milestones, defining requirements, aligning stakeholders, preparing a budget, etc.  So, although many AT thru-hikers prefer to just get out there and wing it, I believe the planning is just as fun and will lead to an even greater experience out on the trail.

Whether you have an interest in this adventure or not, I invite you to subscribe, follow, or read along as I update the world on my planning progress.  And if/when the exciting day comes when I take my first step on the white blazed trail, this blog will become the daily journal of my travels.  Hello Neiman!

Note:  For nostalgic purposes, the original HelloNeiman blog entries are archived here.

10 thoughts on “HelloNeiman! and the Appalachian Trail

  1. Most excellent! If you want to have a laugh, ask Marcus how I found out Hello Neiman was re-launching. Also, he has a cousin who has hiked the the AT and the PCT so let us know if you want us to connect you with him.


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