AT Meal Plan: Resupply Test Run


I have to admit, with this 2nd video done, I’m starting to feel comfortable with this on-camera approach to blogging. Not my usual style, but it is fun and relatively painless. In this video, I test out the anticipated resupply options after a shopping trip to a $0.99 Store in LA. The end result isn’t too bad, so take a peek to see how I did. Hello Neiman!

A couple general learnings from these past 2 vlog entries for any others new to this like me (which, I admit, is embarrassing given my career in IT) …

  1. iMovie is simple, limited, but efficient.  The editing functionality can only do so much (no adding a picture over a video??) on the mobile app version, but it does all the basics really well and is really easy to get comfortable with.
  2. Publishing to the web without WiFi … is … dreadfully … awful.  Ugh.  In testing out the capability over just a cellular network, I found the video was compressed to 240p.  That is not a typo.  Not 1080p, not 720p, not 480p, not even 360p.  Just a measly, grainy, ugly, embarrassing 240p. So, new plan.  Videos will still be created weekly as promised but will now only be uploaded when I reach town for resupply and I can snag a WiFi signal.

Only 15 days to go, almost can’t believe it. Hello Neiman!

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