HelloNeiman! has gone Mobile!

Image result for mippin mobile plugin

all mobile phones and browsers are supported!

HelloNeiman! is happy to announce it has made the leap to mobile communications.  Using a plugin called Mippin, you are now able to view pictures, read posts, and follow your favorite weblog from the comfort of your fingertips.  I realize posts are only once-daily, and most people are typically at their computer (eager and waiting) to read posts daily.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could read today’s post from the bus on your way to work?  Or while bored in today’s class that you don’t pay attention in anyways?   Or from the couch while you watch your kids play (yes, Ellen, that one’s for you).  I can only vouch for PalmOS phones which I have seen work firsthand, but this plugin should allow all phones on the market to view a mobile version.   Let me know if you have any issues with another device.

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