Goodbye Accenture, Hello Engadget!

After only joining the blogging community a few short weeks ago, I am happy to announce the closing of and my departure from Accenture Consulting as I begin a new career as a full time retro-technology blogger for one of the most popular blogs on the net,  Founded in 2004 and known primarily for its expert communications on upcoming technologies and toys of tomorrow, the new CEO, Joshua Topolsky, felt it important to remember their roots and called for resumes for retro-writers to back-fill the previous 30 years of technology news.  I can only assume my reputation as an expert in Handspring Visors, HD-DVD, HTML, and VHS preceded me, as I was offered a job on the spot for the 1980’s era.  Thank you to my faithful readers here (all 7 of you) for your support and dedication, I’ll be sure to mention you in my upcoming April post about the groundbreaking fool’s surge of Apple IIGS and Commodore 64.

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