Favre to Vikings? Please lord no!

Being from Minnesota, there is no name in sports that frustrates me more than Brett Favre.  Sure I have respect for the guy, he’s done a lot … but much of it was against the Vikings.  Godforbid he NOT break the TD record at the Metrodome a couple years ago, sheesh.  So, this morning reports come out that Favre has been released by the Jets and rumors already flying about coming out of retirement and playing for the Minnesota.

I hate Brett Favre.  I despise how much Madden loves him, I can’t stand seeing him score from a drastic underarm shuffle-pass, and cringe when I watch him attempt to act in There’s Something About Mary.  A year ago though, you almost had me convinced that the Vikes would benefit from him.  Since we basically had no QB all season, I’m sure we would have had a better record with him … but probably still would have lost to the Eagles.

But 2009?  Hell no.  I like the possibilities of Rosenfels, I’m eager to see what Percy Harvin brings, and I do not feel like Favre is needed.  Bloggers are already spitting out rumors left and right about how much he wanted to come to Minnesota last year and how talks could start up again.  No.  Don’t waste our time Chilly, focus on getting your new QB ready to play in Purple and Gold and let old man river ruin another team’s offense.

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