Review: Wolverine is no X-Men

this movie is as good as Wolverine’s claws look real

When the first X-Men movie came out in the summer of 2000, many of you will recall how excited I was.  Ross and I painted our half-naked bodies to resemble our favorite comic-book characters and ran around Herzl Camp singing, screaming, and building the hype for what we thought was going to be the best movie of our generation.  Honestly, we weren’t wrong.  X-Men set the standard for superhero movies that are still blockbuster smashes 10 years later.  And until now, the Marvel studio had never let me down.  But Wolverine’s Origin?  Wow was that a bustola.

Wolverine’s Origin story was one of the biggest mysteries of comic universe.  Only a few short years ago did the comic book version even tell the story.  That was an amazing comic.  But what Marvel did with 6 issues in 2002 was covered in a 3 minute video montage to open this movie.  Then, the film subjects you to an hour and a half of nothing.  There really is no story, no purpose to any of the other mutants, horrible acting (Stryker, oye), and really just a dumb plot.  The entire movie is just your typical “”bad guy kills girl, good guy kills bad guy”” story.  And the worst part is that the bad guy keeps changing, yet you don’t really care.  Did I mention that Gambit is in it?  Yeah, who cares.  They could have cut his character completely and it would have had no impact on the movie.  However, the one shining role is Sabretooth.  Leiv Shreiber is actually a cool villain.

This is a let down from Marvel, and a horrible continuation of the X-Men franchise.   The movie studios will blame the internet leak to their bad financials, but really the public is going to show very quickly that the actual movie is to blame.  This had better not be a sign of what’s to come for this summer’s expected hits…

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