Mirra Mugged at Gunpoint

masked face = robbery, gun = aggravated assault, green r = rape, house = domestic assault

So I get a text from my little sister last night at 4am saying, “I just got mugged at gunpoint!”  I called her as soon as I got up to make sure she was ok (which she was), and got the whole story.  Apparently while out with a friend, she stopped at the park on 32nd and Bryant to hang out last night, and stepped into trouble.  As I understood the story, there was guy pretending to be a sleeping drunk that they walked past who then followed them and pulled a gun on them waving it around, cussing, and demanding their credit cards, cell phones, etc.  Mirra’s friend gave the guy all his stuff and then he pointed the gun at Mirra.

She was a little freaked out of course, but in her own cool manner basically lied to the guy, saying “”no, I don’t have anything””.  Angered, the man kept them at gunpoint for 20 minutes demanding more things from them but she refused to budge saying that they had “”given him everything they have.””   Eventually he got fed up and left with what he had, and she ran off to find a police officer and report it.

Yeah it’s probably dangerous, and we both agreed that NEXT time you give him everything and don’t talk back … but given that she is safe and sound, I have to admit I’m a bit impressed that she was able to stand her ground and come out unscathed.   I know it’s stupid, but honestly, if I was in the same situation I would probably act the same way, or worse.  I don’t have a death-wish or anything, but my intuition is not to roll over helplessly and would no-likely make a dumb attempt to ward off the gunman or defend myself.  My family is probably ready to rip her head off for how she acted (and me for defending it), but what would you do if it was you?

Above is the crime map for Minneapolis Police Dept. 5th Precinct, I added Mirra’s robbery (blue icon with red circle) to show how it fits in the map.  Not the safest of neighborhoods, so if you find yourself going there at night … pack a can of mace or a bodyguard.

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