Crazy Terrorist at MSP Airport?

Ok, the weirdest thing happened to me this morning while I was walking to my gate.  Around 6:30am, a man started screaming an indistinguishable African word while briskly walking down the corridor of shops in the MSP/St. Paul Airport.  Something like “JAMANI” over and over again in a violent way, maybe a name?  Hundreds of people stopped in their tracks as they felt their deepest travel fears were about to be fulfilled.  Did the guy have a gun?  A bomb?  was he a terrorist about to attack?  Well, I don’t know exactly what his intentions were, but here’s what happened next…

Guy is screaming and running down the corridor when a half dozen security personnel all show up and start yelling at the guy to stop.  He keeps walking.  Finally a few of them pull out taser guns and threaten to shoot.  Now the man stops and raises his arms wide (to show no weapons?).  Security yells at him to get down on his knees and put his hands behind his head.  Still screaming JAMANI, he obeys.  Then they tell him to lay down on his stomach.  Apparently that was too much for him.  He gets up again and charges the security officer in front of him.  She fires her taser, 3 others fire their tasers, but it doesn’t even phase him.  He starts attacking the security woman in front of him, beating her with his fists and running off again.  A few more security officers follow, shooting taser guns as they go, but nothing stops him (is this guy immune to electric shock?!).  Screaming the random word still, he steam rolls through a pack of security guards one last time and out the security gate back to the front entrance.  Gone.

So, not sure what the true intentions were, or if I was even in danger at all.  But being 50 feet from the whole thing as it happened, I have to admit the scene was intense.  Interesting way to start your work week right?  Since I forgot to text Lindsey that I landed safely, hopefully she didn’t hear that story first and freak out.  🙂

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