Oregon Trail on the Palm Pre?! Umm, yes please!

I know I know, the iPhone and Android phones have had games and apps like this for years.  But come on, its a new platform, a new phone, and it took a while for Palm developers to get to us.  That being said, the new 3D games available on WebOS are definitely a wonderful treat and addition to my app list.  With the new sdk that Palm recently released, the flood gates were opened to more innovative and intense games for the Pre.

Of course, the one that excites me most is the new Oregon Trail by Gameloft, but kids will love games like The Need for Speed, Glyder 2, Scrabble, Tetris and more.  Check out the video above for just a few new games from Gameloft available for the Pre.  They aren’t too expensive, but then again don’t go buying them all before the masses weigh in on what is and isn’t worth it…

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