Preparing for the LOST Season Finale

I have been MIA lately in life, busy with work and travel, trying to keep up with entertainment and media as much as I can.  I know I have not been as vocal lately, but my anticipation for the LOST season finale could not be more intense.  I have obsessed over every detail, conversation, clip, question, “answer”, storyline, timeline, flash, and character for 6 years.  With the exception of Dr. David Bender B M.D., I can’t think of another person who spends more of their free time analyzing and trying to understand what we see and what it means.

LOST is not a television show.  It is not an element of pop culture.  It is not a fad, a fashion, a statement, or a political agenda.  It is part entertainment, part philosophy, part theology, part history, part ideology, and simply put … is the greatest human cultural phenomen I’ve enjoyed witnessing.  Along with you, I sit in anticipation for what will likely be the most talked about television finale of our generation (with apologies to Seinfeld, Cheers, and MASH).  I for one, can not wait.

Whether you already assume it will be a letdown (Hage), will leave too many open questions (Bender), or simply lead-in to a spin off about a new set of castaways (Will) … one thing is for sure.  You will all be there to watch it.  Enjoy the last few weeks, and if you are in Minnesota, join us for our LOST Season Finale Party.

Watch the video above.   A fan made this promo video and posted it to facebook, youtube, lostpedia, etc.  I think it captures the feelings and emotions fairly well for those of us still obsessed after 6 awesome seasons.

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